Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Irresistible DESH

INDIA.....???? I am not sure! I am still not sure if i am IMMURED to the fact that this raag has succeeded in defining INDIA nonchalant of the numerous patriotic songs composed in this raag.

DESH....lets see....TULSI+......NIMBU(lemon)+....1 n a half spoon of HONEY+....adequate water!
Cant feel more healthy after consuming it right??? Well then DESH is that very feel! You play it in the prisons everyday and the prisoners are bound to come out REFORMED.

Aarohanam :   S R2 M1 P N3 S
Avarohanam :  S N2 D2 P M1 G3 R2 S

 Thunbam nergayil - Sanjay subramaniam

Lets not get into the gender of this raag. We shall be sparing some serious UNWANTED confusion. Desh is the very SOUL. It exists within every being. I believe souls are gender less and generate vibrations that cannot be defined and can only be felt. DESH would enchant you to such an extent that you would start smelling the fragrance of roses and lilies while a midst a very rotten environment! Take it from me!

After exposing myself to a myriad of renditions and also learning from my own experiments with the raag, I INFER that N3 in the aarohanam and N2 in the avarohanam are the TORCH BEARERS. There is NO WAY you get the feel or the hang of the raag devoid of the swaram N(Nishadam). And there is no other way of singing this raag without including N.

Some famous carnatic/hindustani compositions: Nanda nandana, Thunbam nergayil, Hey govinda   
                                                                        hey gopala, Ethanai kodi inbam.

  MANY famous film compositions                 : Vande maataram, desh mere desh mere, Noothana 
                                                                        nee noothana, kanave kalaiyathe, Soona soona,
                                                                        Kesariya baalma.

I feel like enjoying watching the silly cute and innocent self-engaged plays of a naive child. Whenever the swarams are played or sung in a rapid succession, it immediately projects a visual of a child running helter-skelter in search of its mother! DESH is liberating...either momentarily or forever! Its directly proportional to how much you let it sink into you and cleanse you!

MORAL : If you are 20 and finally learnt to tie your shoe lace in one go and want your parents to feel proud of you...then DESH is the apt catalyst!

P.S. - In case DESH doesnt work on your target, then please be convinced that they are E.T. and run for your lives!