Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mysterious BHAIRAVI

"Kaarulaavum seerulaavum mithilaiyil... kanni...."

HEY WAIT! (rewinding half a second)....."MITHILAYIL..."...mi-thi-la-yil....and here the swaram goes as
S (mi)-N (thi)-D (la)-P (yil)...now WHY did i stop at this word??? because the IDENTIFYING CHARACTER of ragam BHAIRAVI is expressed right at this word. S N1 D1 P.

THIS is why i find the ragam MYSTERIOUS! When I listen to just these 4 swarams in succession, i feel blind-folded and made to FEEL the most beautiful statue of a mortal...(well you will have to wait for the gender revelation!).
The lines I quoted at the start of this article is from a very famous TAMIL carnatic song 'Yaaro Ivar Yaaro' composed by one of the unforgettable composers ARUNACHALA KAVIRAYAR.

AAROHANAM(ascending swarams) : S G2 R2 G2 M1 P D2 N1 S

AVAROHANAM(descending swarams): S N1 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S

SONG : Yaaro Ivar Yaaro
ARTIST : Sanjay Subramaniam


The 'D' highlighted in blood red is the CULPRIT behind the mystery! To be more accusing its 'D1' in the avarohanam which is one of the four swarams under the syllable 'la' in the word 'mithilayil'.
While ascending (aarohanam), the swaram 'D2' sounds gay...the way a student would emote on hearing that the teacher is absent! Ragam bhairavi very well conceals the suspense! The climax of the ragam i.e. while descending (avarohanam) carries 'D1' expressing the DARK and VILLAINISH face of Bhairavi!
Bhairavi is very MASCULINE in structure with a FEMININE ulterior. The feminineness is experienced while singing 'G2'. The 'G2' of ragam bhairavi is very delicate and dependent on a stable base in which case it is 'R1'. It cannot be sung with a linear tone. Hence while singing the swaram 'G2' one should sing it as R2G2R2G2 which leads to fluctuation of 'G2'.

For carnatic music learners and listeners!!! Very famous compositions like Viriboni (varanam), Lalithe, Upacharamu etc exist that are enough to make your hair grow HARD and ERECT on your skin!

MORAL: I love MYSTERIOUS personality. I shall marry the MANIFESTATION of 'D' of Bhairavi!

P.S: Girls might find it really tough to wax at such times so strictly no bhairavi during beauty hours!


  1. The feminineness is experienced while singing G2.I second that! :P

  2. @deeps : I AM GLAD FOR US! :D so what about the masculine character? have u fallen for him yet??? :D

  3. akil...........awesome.but can i reserve comments till i go back to bhairavi again? and come back with my experience? for me bhairavin is stree shakthi