Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anaadi Anantha THODI

Have you ever wanted to experience a fatal fall in a never ending, bottomless and a huge crevice on earth and still  be 'living blissfully'??? No I do not need to get my head examined, but you need to believe me and listen to THODI. Also before I forget, to all those who are not coherent with the Sankrit language, 'Anaadi' means no beginning and 'Anantha' means no end. If you have been rubbishing this concept until now, then THODI is going to compellingly disprove your belief.

AAROHANAM (ascending swarams) :      S R1 G1 M1 P D1 N1 S

AVAROHANAM (descending swarams):   S N1 D1 P M1 G1 R1 S

ARTIST : Guitar Prasanna

SONG: Thaye yashoda
ARTIST: Sudha Raghunathan
MOVIE: Morning raga

An easy observation tells you that all the swarams are in their primary most state (except S and P as they are homogeneous in nature anyway). This is the speciality of this ragam. Any one would be under the delusion that this must be the most simplest raga given the primary state of the swarams. TRUST ME. If there is a soul out there who can render THODI in a 'anaadi anantha'way, I would consider him/her as the '11th avatar' in Indian mythology (ironic but that is not the point).
I 'trip' everytime there is a shift from 'S' to 'R' to 'G'. You need to pause at 'G' and acknowledge its presence. Its a RULE and the best part is this is one rule you would accept whole heartedly and follow religiously! Similarly you need to stop by and say a pleasant 'hi' to 'N' while ascending and descending the swarams apart from spending some quality time with 'G' on your way back to 'S'.

Some famous carnatic songs : Raave himagiri kumari, Bharathi maamava (one of the 9 navarathri kritis),
                                              Thaye yashoda, Kaarthikeya gaangeya.

Some famous cine songs :       Gangai karai mannanadi

MORAL : Somehow, I strongly believe that anyone who becomes a staunch devotee of Thodi and develop an obsession for it should attain 'Nirvana'. PERIOD.

P.S. : If you think its about time you concentrated on your 'deep inner-self' and carry an attitude, 'to Hell with the world', THODI is highly recommended for an intense trigger.WORD.


  1. Ekdam Jhakaas! *whistles* Listen to Ninne Nammi-Syama Sastri krithi.Also,Kaddhanuvaariki!

  2. excellent work. i cant believe that you have so much of potential